…In Which I Get Schooled on Instagram

I went to dinner with my friend and her daughter tonight. When the impressive-looking dessert came, my friend wanted to take a picture for Instagram. As my friend set up the shot, her daughter wriggled anxiously in her seat, clenched and unclenched her fingers and emoted “You’re not DOING it right!”

“What’s to get wrong?” I thought. Take a picture, add a filter, and post, right? Wrong.

Teenagers are leaving Facebook and turning to Instagram (or Tumblr) instead. So I decided to ask my friend’s daughter about the “right” way to use Instagram.  The answer? Super-simplified, it’s the use of outside filters, like those offered by Aviary or Pixlr.

Aviary offers more sophisticated photo editing tools, the aforementioned filters, and the ability to upload directly to Instagram.

Pixlr (two apps, consisting of Pixlr Express and Pixlromatic) has a ton more filters than Instagram and offers several catalogs of extra filters available for in-app purchase. I, however, am too cheap to try them out…though I’m incredibly curious about Pixlromatic’s “Too Old” set of filters. Pixlr Express appears to focus more on editing and creating multi-picture collages.

Is all of this old news? Probably. But it took a fried ice cream to reveal it to me, so maybe it’s helpful to others, too.

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