This year’s most popular posts

I started this blog six months ago as a combination writing-exercise and as a way to share the useful bits of information that I’d learned as a result of my time mashing keys. Though it’s still quite modest, I’ve been surprised to see how a few of those posts have gotten more traction than I’d expected (there are so many blogs out there, I didn’t expect any traction at all).  In the new year, I may expand my focus to ensure I’ll have enough to write about, but for now, here are the four most popular posts I wrote in 2013:Sparkler (fireworks)

Five Quick Tips for Cleaning out your Inbox
The privacy problem with posting photos in social media
Social Media when you don’t have the time
Flexing your muscle when everyone’s an “expert”



Podcasts worth listening to, Vol. 1: #YSLTF (You Should Listen To Friday)

Today is the first You Should Listen to Friday on Twitter.  I’ve been meaning to post about my favorite podcasts for a while, so today is the perfect time to get started, here on the blog instead.

On the Media: On the Media covers all types of media in a way that’s both responsible and entertaining. It’s rare to find that combination, and On the Media delivers it weekly.  It consistently delivers, and has me refreshing my podcasts compulsively at the end of the week, waiting for the latest download.

TLDR: An On the Media offshoot, TLDR deserves its own mention. Its topics tend toward the internet-related, and drill deep, then squeeze the results into a tiny package–each podcast is less than 15 minutes.  One of my recent favorites is “the Unicorn,” where the staff tracks down an adult who doesn’t use the internet.

Back to Work: Buried in the banter are invaluable tips about working, productivity, and job satisfaction. It helps if you’re a comic book fan, too.